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What the Kids Had to Say...

After talking to elementary children about being "Winners" during our hot air balloon demonstration, we asked the children to share how they thought they were winners.

Here are our most recent responses from Osseo-Fairchild Elementary in Osseo, Wisconsin!  

I AM A WINNER because...

Girls, Age 5
I help people up when they fall down. I go on walks with people.
I be nice to my sisters.
I try hard at school and I love it too. I try really hard at things I can’t do yet.
I share my toys.
I make new friends. 

Boys, Age 5
I am brave and strong.
I help people up when they're hurt.
I help other people do things.  

Age 6
I can skip monkey bars on the playground. Girl, 6
I help my mom and dad. Boy, 6
I show my brother I am brave. Boy, 6  

Girls, Age 7
I play basketball, and I read hard, and I don't cheat at games.
I help my friends out at school.
I have good friends, and a good reader and I have a dog.
I'm a hard worker and a basketball player, and I don’t cheat at tests.
I'm a helpful friend, I'm nice to my friends and family, I'm good at reading.
I do hard work, and I read good, and I listen.
I learned how to swim, and be nice, and I don't be mean to my anybody. I am good at reading.
I am a good friend to people.
I am nice to my friends, and I'm in basketball, and I love my mom and my dad, I like my teacher.
I'm a good reader.
I rule at math.
I don't cheat at games.
I am honest.
I do all of my homework.
I believe in myself and I am very brave.
I love to ride horses.
I love to bear hunt to keep people safe.
I wanted to train my rabbit named Snuggles, and I said couldn’t, but I did.
I love to dance and I love dancing.
I am good at math.
I am nice to my friends.
I am good at playing with my brother.
I am in gymnastics.  

Boys, Age 7  
I am awesome and I am great at math.
I do my best.
I am good at reading, and math.
I can run fast.
I can read 7 books each weekend.
I am really good at kicking a football really high.
I am good at math reading and spelling.
I always do my best in reading.
I make friends.
I run fast, and I read good.
I almost can fly and juggle, and I can do a hand stand.
I got in 1st place in running and I got in 2nd place in archery.
I love reading!
I am respectful.  

Girls, Age 8  
I try my best. I try my hardest on a math test.
I can ride a bike, and I can get an A+ on a test.
I am good at helping my mom.
I listen to the teacher during math class, and the whole school year.
I help people when they are sad.
I'm a good listener in class.
I never give up on my dreams.
Even if I lose, I win because I tried and that’s what matters.
I help my dad with his motorcycle.
I could ride a horse by the time I was 6 years old, and I can do stuff some people can't do.
I like everything in school. I do my work. I try and I do it, if I think I can't do I do it anyway.
I help kids who need help.
I am already reading chapter books, and I'm also in gym class.
I am a good friend. My friends and I trust in each other.
I am just like you, and I am kind to my friends, and I share too.
I can be nice to one another, and I have friends.
I learned gymnastics.
I'm adopted.
I am a fair player.
I won a trophy, and it was gold, and I won a pie for the best dress!
I always try my best at math and science.
I am nice to other people.  

Boys, Age 8
I am awesome , and I have a bunch of friends.
I am me, and I try.
I'm good at math.
I listen to my teacher in math class.
I try my best in math, and I listen.
I will never give up. I don’t quit.
I try my hardest and I never give up. I never give up on my legos.
Me and my friends work as a team.
I am good at reading.
I try my hardest on everything.
I won a big and long race.
I'm good at math, and I can climb.
I am good at baseball.
I am me, and I can do anything, and I am very smart.
I went in a hot air balloon.
I make people feel better.  

Girls, Age 9  
I try my hardest, and don't give up, and I like being a winner.
I try new things. Thank you!
I help my friend by helping her get better at math.
I listen to my teacher.
I am smart and good behaved, and you will always be stronger inside than the outside.
I will never in my life give up.
I listen to the teacher during class!
I try my hardest and never give up.
I try my best, and listen.
I try my hardest on winning a game. I am nice to people.
I believe I can do anything.
I am smart.
I do good things.
I do my best and I am a good athlete. I’m “kind” and “creative” and colorful.”
I believe in friendship.
I try on things that I don’t know how to do.
I try new things.  

Boys, Age 9 
I am really good at math, and archery.
My mom says I am a trooper with my Crohn's Disease.
I really like playing football. I am a good sport.
I am nice, fast at running, but most of all I believe in myself.
I work very hard. I am a good student.
I am good at video games and sports. I believe in me.
I win a lot of stuff and I don’t complain and whine when I lose. 

 Girls, Age 10  
I believe I can do anything I want to accomplish.
I always try my best.
I tried out for basket ball.
I try my best all the time.
I try my best in everything I do.
I believe in myself.
I believe in myself, I always say I'll try.
I'm really good at basketball and a lot of other sports.
I follow my dreams, I was able to play the clarinet, and I still follow my dreams.
I am brave.
I am good at things.

Boys, Age 10
I have played in many sports and I get frustrated a lot but I keep playing and I am the lead off hitter in baseball.
I play football, I play baseball, and I am a good sport.
I work hard at things and try my best.
I have the hope to succeed.
I play with my friends.
My grades are good!
I can drive my dad’s tractor.  

Ages 11 & 12 
I love to do sports and love to help people with stuff. Girl, 11
I am very loyal and respectful, and I am very good at school activities and participation. Girl, 11
I'm good at dancing, and singing, and gymnastics. Girl, 11
I am smart and make people laugh. Boy, 11
I try hard at everything, I never hurt my friends, and treat them fairly, but are you a winner? Boy, 11
I love to do sports and love to help people with stuff. Girl, 12  

Age Unknown
I can play basketball.      

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