Aiming Higher - Hot Air Balloons & Cool Air Inflatables

Welcome to the Aiming Higher website! We’re glad you stopped by for a visit. Aiming Higher is a hot air balloon and cool air inflatable business, and we do a variety of events with these “toys.”

We have 5 inflatables to serve you: Ironman Obstacle Course, Firetruck Slide, Kiddiepillar Crawl Through, Safari Bus Bounce House, and our *NEW* Small Slide. Aiming Higher  inflatables have entertained small groups and hundreds of guests.

We have 2 hot air balloons: Snowcone and Freedom. Currently, we only use our hot air balloons to do balloon glows and demonstrations. Commercial flights are not available with our hot air balloon, as our pilot is only licensed as a private pilot. He’s only a few hours shy of his commercial licensing. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Although we sometimes call our units “toys,” because we have so much fun with them, a hot air balloon happens to be an aircraft that must be licensed and inspected by the Federal Aviation Association. So, keeping that in mind, we practice safety with our inflatables as well as with our balloons.

Because weather is always a factor and a safety concern with balloons or inflatables, we always take extra precautions with storms, rain and wind. We can’t control the weather, but we can be sure to make your experience fun and safe.

Please let us know anytime if you have any questions about our business. We would be happy to help you determine if Aiming Higher will meet your event needs.
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